PC Support Technician III, Technical Support Job, La Vista, NE

PC Support Technician III, Technical Support Job, La Vista, NE PC Support Technician III Job Description in La Vista, NE:
Main Responsibilities:
Provides basic troubleshooting assistance and ticket resolution for personal computer users.
Supports computer users with installation of basic hardware/software and networking components to meet personal computer needs.
Diagnoses and troubleshoots basic problems with individual or multiple computer systems in order to maintain proper functioning; resolves issues including contacting and assisting vendors.
Conducts diagnostic reviews and produces error reports as requested by customers in order to identify and correct any problems.
Assists with computer studies, projects, and implementation of policies throughout area of assignment.
Assists in the design and development of standardized operational management reports in order to identify issues or monitor computers.
Researches, analyzes and provides hardware/software quotations, ordering information and other purchasing information to users to assist in ordering needed equipment.
Good organizational and problem solving skills.
Ability to install, remove or repair basic computer systems.
High School Diploma with 5 to 7 years experience.
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